Leadership Training Resources

2017 AAUW CA Leadership Training

The East Bay AAUW CA Leadership Training was held on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at CSU East Bay, Concord Campus.  Leadership Days are for all AAUW members – board officers, incoming officers, as well as those who are considering taking a leadership position in a branch but are not quite confident that they have the skills to become a leader.

May 21, 2016 AAUW CA East Bay District Leadership Training — Resources from the Presenters

See also leadership resources posted on the AAUW CA website’s Leadership Training page and the Leader Essentials section of the national AAUW website.

Successful Board Tips Session by Sandy Kirkpatrick

Successful Board Strategies-2016

Rights & Responsibilities of a branch board member

Better Board Meetings

Dealing with Difficult Board Members

Effective Meeting Facilitation PPT-MarieBonilla2015

President Workshop by Karen Johnson

AAUW Branch President’s Handbook

What Do I Do Now That I Am President? (included in the “handbook” above)

AAUW President’s Year (included in the “handbook” above)

Treasurer Workshop by Jean Simutis

Treasurer Workshop May 2016

Program Workshop by Sue Miller

The PowerPoint file “Branch Empowerment Through Mission Based Programming” is too large to post on this website, but is available on the AAUW CA website.  Also look for additional resources on the AAUW CA website’s Mission Based Program page and on the Branch Programming page of national AAUW’s website.

Tech Trek Workshop by Rory Keller and Sheila Garvey

Tech Trek Coordinators PowerPoint

2016 Tech Trek Branch Packet materials:
1.1 The Basics & What’s New.2016
1.2. Timeline 2016
1.4. Branch Coordinator Job Description 2016
1.5. Tech Trek Organization Chart
2.1. Contacting teachers2016
2.2A. Email Request to Teachers for Student Nominations
2.3. Student Nomination Form for the AAUW National Tech Trek Program
2.4. Student Application 2016
2.5. Parent Certification 2016
3.1. Camper Selection Procedure
3.2. Sample Interview_Questions_2016
3.3. Tech Trek Camper Assessment Form
3.4. Notifying Selected Students 2016
3.5. Sample Acceptance Letter
3.6. Sample Alternate Letter
3.7. Sample Not Chosen letter
4.1. Attendance Agreement 2016
4.2. Spanish.Attendance Agreement.2016
5.2_BC Campers Selected Form 2016
5.3. Camp Directors receiving names.2016
6.1. Branch Instructions-process checks TT
6.2. Tech Trek Deposit Form – Branch Use – Aug2015
6.3. 501c3 Letter
6.4. AAUW NTTP_Donor_Designation_Form_Sep_2015
6.5. AAUW W-9 2015 Signed
7.1. Generic thank you letter
7.2. Hints for Getting Tech Trek Publicity
7.3. Seeking Donations
7.4. Traditional Media Guidelines
8.1. When Your Camper Returns 2016
8.2. Mentoring Your Campers
12.1.Camper Selected Certificate
12.2.Alternate Certificate
12.3. Nominated Only Certificate
14.1. Camps-Northern Calif. 11.15
14.3.Goodie Bag listCamps-Northern Calif. 11.15

Public Policy Workshop by Sue Miller

Public Policy Presentation-Sue Miller

Membership Workshop by Kathy Andreini
Useful links:  AAUW website’s resources for membership officers
AAUW website’s recruitment tip sheet
AAUW website’s retention tip sheet
Tips for using AAUW website

Branch Business Card

10 Leader Essentials in Marketing and Visibility_ AAUW

April Membership Matters

Growing Membership_ A Recruitment Tip Sheet_ AAUW

How to Retain AAUW Branch Members

May Lead On_ AAUW’s Newsletter for Member Leaders

Membership Workshop Notes

Convention membership roundtable (handwritten) notes

New Member Orientation 16-17 – any branch


Prescription-for-Recruitment_Handout-nsa (9)

Seven Strategies to Increase Engagement

Talent, skils and Interests Survey


AAUW Funds/Fundraising Workshop by Tena Gallagher

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Open Space Session facilitated by Sandy Kirkpatrick

Open Space Intro

Two-page Open Space Primer